City of lights

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September 2012

It was a lovely night. The sky was clear and the stars were shining. I was walking home when I saw pillars of light from the city. It was reminded me that there was a laser festival at South Bank. I speeded up my steps. I grabbed my camera and ran to the bus stop. I was lucky, only two minutes waiting before I got a bus to city. After 20 minutes trip, I arrived at South Bank. It was very crowded; people were enjoying the shows. The first show had just finished and the second show would be started in the next 20 minutes. Enough time to find place to take some picture. Almost all of the best spots were occupied. Thanks God! I found a friend there. He let me using his space to install my tripod. Five minutes before the show I had completed my set up. And the show began!

September 2013

I had finished my work and prepared to leave when my boss came to my desk. An Asian looking man was following him.

“Kayu, this is Nonaka. He is an exchange student. He will stay in Brisbane for two weeks. Please help him while he is here”.
“Hi Nonaka , nice too meet you!” I shook his hand tightly. “Two weeks are too short for sightseeing Brisbane.” He only smiled.
“Do you have any things to do to night?”
“Probably I’ll stay at hotel, eat noodle, and sleep,” he kept smiling.
“Wew… that’s not fun at all. Actually, you are lucky. You come here at September. There are light shows at South Bank. Do you want to have a look?”
“That’s would be great Kayu… if you don’t mind…” he replied.
“Naah… that’s fine. We can go there directly from Uni.”
My boss’ hands suddenly landed to our shoulders, “Okay guys… it looks like you both have a great plan tonight. Sorry I can’t join you. I should go home immediately, otherwise I can’t taste my wife’s cooks. Hope you enjoy the night.” Then he left us.
“Well… Shall we go to the shows Nonaka?”
He smiled again,”Let’s go!”